Winston’s Homemade Ice Cream

In a quest to find the best tasting homemade ice cream available, Charles Winston, Jr. and Wil O’Neal decided to make their own. Three years ago the partners headed to Penn State University as students to learn this trade. They took the class, Ice Cream 101. What resulted from that class is our rich and creamy ice cream that we make in all kinds of traditional and fun flavors we serve today. We make the ice cream in our kitchen with fresh ingredients and a mix made from a local dairy created just for Winston’s Grille. We have our special Ice Cream Freezer located by our To-Go counter with ice cream ready To-Go or you can order a bowl and enjoy it right at the Grille! Pick your flavor today and taste what everyone is talking about!

Below are some of our fun and tasty flavors of ice cream that we make. Vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate are always available but all other flavors change on a daily basis, so please call for the daily ice cream flavors available.


Almond Joy 5.95

Butter Pecan 5.95

Coffee Toffee 5.95

Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate  5.95

And other assorted flavors!!

Winston’s Banana Split for 4 – BIG! 8.95

Ice Cream Sampler 7.95