The dishes you’ll find on our menu
are prepared from scratch with the
freshest ingredients.

Today's Dinner Features

Catfish Parmesan

Parmesan encrusted catfish, topped with a lemon butter, and served with creamy grits and spinach | 20.95

Maple bbq pork chop

A 10 oz bone in pork chop grilled with a bourbon maple bbq glaze and sprinkled with candied bacon, served with grilled corn on the cob, green beans, and mashed sweet potatoes | 24.95

Macadamia chicken

Chicken breast crusted in macadamia nuts and topped with a curry sauce, diced red pepper and scallions served with sticky sushi rice and sautéed green beans | 18.95

Our Vendors

We work with and support a variety of local vendors to bring the most seasonal food and beverages to our menu.