The dishes you’ll find on our menu
are prepared from scratch with the
freshest ingredients.

Today's Dinner Features

Osso Bucco

A pork shank braised with white wine and tomatoes, carrots, celery and onions served on a bed of mashed potatoes with green beans | 19.95

Lemon Chicken and Shrimp rigatoni

Sauteed chicken and shrimp with spinach, prosciutto ham, mushrooms, tomatoes, basil and rigatoni pasta in a lemon garlic cream sauce topped with parmesan cheese, honey sriracha drizzle and a toasted crostini | 17.95

Vanilla Cabernet Salmon

Grilled salmon topped with a vanilla-cabernet reduction served over a fried bacon-leek potato cake and sauteed green beans | 22.95

Our Vendors

We work with and support a variety of local vendors to bring the most seasonal food and beverages to our menu.