The dishes you’ll find on our menu
are prepared from scratch with the
freshest ingredients.

Today's Dinner Features

Thai Salmon

Grilled salmon topped with a thai peanut sauce, served with tempura fried asparagus and sticky sushi rice | 21.95

Cranberry Glazed Rotisserie Chicken

Cranberry glazed rotisserie chicken served with mashed potatoes & Chef's medley of autumn vegetables, roasted bacon brussel sprouts, butternut squash & rainbow beets | 17.95

Braised Short Ribs 

Big Boss Bad Penny and molasses braised beef short ribs served with asiago cheese grits and sauteed green beans, topped with fried leeks and creamy horseradish sauce | 23.95

Our Vendors

We work with and support a variety of local vendors to bring the most seasonal food and beverages to our menu.